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Strong is Beautiful: Female CrossFitters Tell Their Story

CrossFit has created one of the strongest platforms for girls and women to be proud of not only what their body looks like, but what their body is capable of. Over the next several weeks, we will be sharing a series of blog posts, “Strong is Beautiful: Female CrossFitters Tell Their Story,” written by Tatyana – a Steve’s Club athlete, Youth Representative on the Board of Directors, and Co-Chair of the Youth Advisory Committee, and Steve’s Club National Program Intern.

CrossFit is ahead of most in the sports and fitness world when it comes to the representation of its female athletes. You often see the women competing alongside the men at the Games and at regional events. CrossFit is also one of the few sports that offer mixed-gender teams for competitions.

This representation is also seen at Steve’s Club National Program. The organization’s four staff members are female athletes. Steve’s Club National Program supports many female leaders of Local Clubs and serves many female athletes across the country.

Representation amongst a sport is very important for female athletes as they have people to look up to in the activity they enjoy. This increases chances of success if athletes want to go into CrossFit competitively and is just overall beneficial to see people like you succeeding and given a platform in the sport. It erases a lot of the stigma about women in sports and allows young ladies to aspire to the goals they want to achieve.

The lack of coverage of female athletes is a problem that permeates many sports industries. Many people are conditioned to believe that women’s sports are boring and less desirable to watch because of less media coverage. However, this doesn’t seem to be an issue for CrossFit as female CrossFitters are represented and recognized for their hard work just as much as their male counterparts. To continue this trend, over the course of the summer I’ll be doing a miniseries highlighting female CrossFitters.

The purpose of this series is to serve as a method of women’s empowerment. In a world where women are seen as less than and less capable than their male counterparts, it’s important to have reminders that women are strong and able.

First, I’ll be starting off with myself and my own experience in CrossFit. My name is Tatyana. I’m a senior in high school and I started CrossFit about 2 years ago. It was introduced to me by my school’s athletic director. My time as a female in CrossFit has been a positive experience. I have had multiple female coaches and the male coaches that I’ve had are always supportive of me and other females that attend the gym. I never get the feeling that someone’s underestimating me, it’s always unconditional support. That’s the amazing thing about CrossFit.

When I walk into the box, I feel comfortable and like I belong there.


I competed for the first time this past September in Festivus and it was an amazing experience. I saw so many strong women competing and it was really empowering. I think my partner Sapjah, a Steve’s Club Camden athlete, inspired me the most because she’s a very petite girl but can lift twice her body weight.

I think CrossFit can be really empowering for females especially with helping with self-confidence. From what I’ve seen with female CrossFitters there are so many different body types ranging from small petite girls who you wouldn’t think can snatch more than their body weight and there are ripped ladies with amazing muscles. I think this type of training gives you a new sense of confidence in your body and confidence in your capabilities. Being able to hop on a pull-up bar, or pick up a barbell, or move a rig, etc, gives you this feeling of accomplishment and makes you proud of yourself and what your body can do.

Women in CrossFit break the stigma around strong women and women in sports. They show that you can do anything you put your mind to. If you work hard, push your limits, and have faith in yourself you can achieve great things.

Tatyana has been involved with Steve’s Club for three years as a member of Fearless Athletics | Steve’s Club in Philadelphia. She’s a high school senior and a member of her school’s debate and wrestling teams. At SCNP, Tatyana wears many hats as an Intern, Youth Representative on the Board of Directors, and Co-Chair of the Youth Advisory Committee. Tatyana believes it’s important that youth have a voice in important decisions that affect them and their community, so representing her peers at the national level for Steve’s Club means a lot to her.

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