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At-risk kids and teens across the nation are in need of positive role models. Who better to fill that void than fitness community leaders whose lives have been changed for the better and want to give back?

Do Good (Without The Hassle)

We’ve done the heavy lifting on the non-profit setup and administration so your focus and time can be spent on training and mentoring youth.

Be Part Of A Strong Network

Join a national community of caring, likeminded and motivated Club leaders that share resources and best practices to help each other succeed.

Network Benefits

Local Steve's Clubs have the flexibility to set up and run a program that best fits the need of their community, with the backing of a supportive and well-recognized national non-profit.

  • 501(c)(3) status - fundraise and be exempt from income tax, and apply for state sales tax exemption
  • Admin/operational support (accounting, taxes, legal, background check system, program assessment, etc.)
  • Member resources/workshop templates
  • Marketing and fundraising support
  • Athletic gear, shoes, equipment, and food product donations from National Program sponsors
  • Events/opportunities for Local Club leaders (community calls and meetings, networking)
  • Events/opportunities for program youth (Leadership Camp, Youth Advisory Committee, scholarships for coaching certifications)

A vision for your Club

Steve's Club allows for a variety of different types of outreach and models. With our decentralized structure Local Clubs are able to run their programs independently with their own governing Board of Directors. As a parent organization, the National Program is required however to conduct periodic administrative and accounting check-ins with all of its programs.

Partnering with a gym (that would act as a sponsor for the program) to offer free fitness classes for youth is recommended. The gym should already have certified coaches, equipment, insurance, and a member base to help with volunteering and fundraising. This makes the set up, cost, and sustainability of the program easier.

While finding a facility to partner with is our recommendation, it is not a necessity, and we have had successful programs that operate independently (though they do typically have to do more fundraising to cover program costs).

We generally also recommend starting with a pilot program before diving in to the official paperwork to set up your Steve's Club non-profit. This gives you an opportunity to gauge interest at your potential partner facility (for recruitment of coaches, volunteers, and board members) and in terms of broader community outreach to see how easy or challenging it'll be to recruit and enroll kids in the program.

Most Common Program Types

Scholarship Spots

Create "scholarship" spots for your gym's current kids/teens program. This is the easiest way to get started if you already have an existing kids/teens program.

Steve's Club Classes

Start a separate "Steve's Club" class (typically after school or on a Sat/Sun) at a gym. Getting enough kids to have a stand-alone class will require reaching out to local schools and/or existing non-profits that serve youth. If they can transport the kids to the gym, even better!

Off-Site Program Locations

Use an off-site location or organization that already has a group of kids to train and mentor (school, community/rec center, church, non-profits like the Boys and Girls Club, etc.). A benefit of this model is that you don't have to worry about transportation for the kids.

After opening my gym I began the process of starting a Steve’s Club, which was much easier than I expected. We finished all of our paperwork in just a few months, which allowed us to get to the real work of helping kids in our community. It’s a privilege to be part of this network and something so powerful.
-Rebecca, Founder of Steve's Club Nashville

What you'll (eventually) need to get started

  • Completed Local Club application, all SCNP paperwork, and on-ramping fee (one-time fee of $500: $250 due at completion of paperwork; 12 months to fundraise additional $250)
  • At least one coach with a CF-L1 certification, and preferably also a CF Kids cert (we require the lead coach to obtain a CF Kids cert within one year of the program's start if he/she doesn't already have this credential)*

*NOTE: We are currently reviewing our coach certification policy and requirements. If you are interested in starting a Steve's Club program and have questions about what certifications will be accepted at this time, please contact

  • Location to train youth (fitness facility, school gymnasium, rec center, etc.)
  • Insurance (program can piggyback on partner Affiliate's policy or purchase its own policy)
  • Background checks for all coaches and volunteers that will be working with youth
  • Board of Directors (minimum of 3 members: President, Secretary, Treasurer) and volunteers to help run and grow the program

3,2,1, Go!

Completing an application is the first step. Once received, we'll schedule a call to review it with you.

Beginning in Jan 2021 we'll be having monthly info sessions so you can learn more about Steve's Club.

Contact us if you have any questions.


Thanks to the generous support of our friends at RPM Training Co. we are now accepting applications for the RPM "Start a Club" Grant Program, which has been created to help fund the creation of new Steve's Club programs across the country!

Recipients of this grant will receive funding to help offset the costs associated with starting a Local Club in their community.

PHASE ONE of Grant

On-Boarding Support



Ribbon Cutting Ceremony and Workout

Phase Two of Grant

Kids Training Certification

Participation in Leadership Camp

Ongoing Year 1 Support from SCNP Staff

Accounting Services