RPM Training Co "Start a Club" Grant Program

What is the RPM Grant Program?

The RPM Training Co. "Start a Club" Grant Program assists new Steve's Club programs by offsetting the costs you may incur as you move through the process of starting a Local Club in your community. These grant awards will be broken into two phases.

Phase One funding will be used to take your Club from vision to reality, starting with submitting your grant application and ending the day your Club finishes the on-boarding paperwork and completes affiliation with the National Program, culminating with a ribbon-cutting ceremony and workout.

Phase Two funding will be used to cover costs during your Club's first year of operation. You will receive National Program support as you run your program, acquire necessary coaching certifications, and attend our annual Summer Leadership Camp.

Phase One of Grant

The funding you are awarded during Phase One will be used to off-set the costs your Club can expect to incur from the time your application is approved through getting your Club officially up and running, such as insurance for your program, background checks for your coaches and volunteers, and the creation of a logo for your Club. Steve's Club staff will help guide you through the process and offer support.

Phase One finishes when your Club completes affiliation with the National Program, which will be celebrated with a ribbon-cutting ceremony and workout with Steve's Club's Executive Director and RPM Training Co. representatives.

Phase One Includes:

  • Grant application and review
  • SCNP staff support and guidance to complete the on-boarding checklist, which includes:
    • Applying for non-profit status in your state
    • Policy and procedure review
    • Board of Director development
    • Initial budget and fundraising planning
  • Marketing support:
    • Social media pages
    • Website
    • Club logo
  • Background checks for your coaches and volunteers
  • Insurance for your program
  • Ribbon cutting ceremony and workout (COVID restriction dependent)

Phase Two of Grant

Phase Two will begin once your program has completed affiliation with the National Program. Funding for this phase is available for up to 12 months, and you are able to use it to send one of your coaches to receive a Kids Training Certification in accordance with our guidelines. You will also have the opportunity to use the funds to send 2 of your athletes, and 1 coach or Club Leader, to our Summer Leadership Camp.

During this phase, you will also complete your first fiscal year as a Local Club. SCNP will provide on-going support through our bi-annual administrative check-ins, which give us an opportunity to evaluate your program's operations and provide any necessary guidance for growth and sustainability.

Phase Two Includes:

  • Kids Training Certification for 1 coach - SCNP requires that at least 1 coach acquires this certification within 1 year of completing affiliation
  • Attendance at our annual Summer Leadership Camp for 2 athletes and 1 coach or Club Leader (COVID restriction dependent)
  • Filing of your federal taxes (990-N) by our accountant
  • Ongoing SCNP staff support including:
    • Continued guidance as you navigate the first year of your program's operations
    • Administrative check-in 2x/year to review your Club's financials, coach certifications, background checks, insurance policy, and discuss your program's successes and challenges

Interested in Applying?

Applicants for our grant should complete and submit the grant application (link below), which includes questions about your need and how your program will benefit from receiving the funding.

Once your application has been received, we will schedule a call to review it with you and shortly thereafter notify you if your application has been approved.

If approved, you will receive a grant award agreement that outlines the expenses for which you will be reimbursed during both phases (typically in the $1,000 to $5,000 range).

If you have any questions about the RPM Training Co. "Start a Club" Grant Program, please contact us at admin@stevesclub.org.

Apply for the RPM Training "Start a Club" Grant Program today by completing the grant application.

Beginning in Jan 2021 we'll be having monthly info sessions so you can learn more about Steve's Club.

Contact Us if you have any questions.