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National Program Structure


Steve's Club National Program (SCNP) is a member-based organization with Local Clubs (chapters) nationwide.

SCNP is an umbrella organization where "SCNP HQ" acts as the "parent" organization and provides Local Clubs with a number of shared services and network benefits. SCNP HQ carries out many of the administrative duties required (legal, accounting, marketing, etc.) so that Local Clubs can focus on training and mentoring athletes.

Local Clubs have the flexibility to set up and run their program to best fit the needs of their community. This decentralized structure is scalable and allows the Local Clubs to run their programs independently - offering fitness, nutrition education, and mentorship throughout the year.

Network Benefits

Support from SCNP HQ

SCNP HQ provides Local Clubs with the tools they need to run a successful nonprofit program, such as 501(c)(3) status (can receive tax-deductible donations and apply to be exempt from state sales tax), member resources (templates, best practices, workshops), marketing material, a background check system (for coaches and volunteers), as well as administrative/operational, accounting, legal, and fundraising support.

HQ also periodically sends athletic gear, shoes, equipment, and food products from its sponsors to Local Clubs to be distributed to their athletes.

Best practices from other Local Clubs

When you start a Steve’s Club program, you become part of an existing network of likeminded individuals and 20+ Local Clubs across the country that share best practices.

Opportunities for Steve's Club youth

Steve’s Club athletes have the opportunity to apply to National Program events and initiatives such as Summer Leadership Camp, scholarships for youth to become certified coaches, specialty trips, competitions, etc.

Local club objectives

  1. Foster a safe and nurturing environment for at-risk and underserved youth
  2. Create a community of caring – encourage mentoring and positive interactions with coaches and other members of the community
  3. Offer a variety of opportunities for youth to learn about fitness, nutrition, and personal development
  4. Fundraise to support the needs of the program
  5. Be good stewards of the Steve's Club mission and make sure the program is running effectively
Being part of Steve’s Club National Program has been a great experience. I knew I wanted to share my love of fitness with disadvantaged kids and considered starting my own non-profit. As I learned more about Steve’s Club, I knew this was the right approach because there was a national network of other Clubs and they already knew how to set everything up.

The onboarding process was easy. SCNP staff answered a lot of the tricky questions around running a non-profit (I didn’t have to get my own 501(c)(3), which saved me a lot of work, $ and time!), and I was training kids in a few months.

SCNP provides templates and resources to help me run my program, hosts conference calls for Local Club coaches to share best practices, and most importantly - offers opportunities like Leadership Camp and L1 Certifications for teens in our program.
-Duncan Seawell, Founder of Steve's Club Denver

With this structure, SCNP HQ is able to easily add new Local Clubs to its network and allow existing Clubs to focus on working with their youth. In this way, we've been able to help thousands of underserved and at-risk youth nationwide.

Help us strengthen the nation, one kid at a time.