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Meet Jory

Jory Johnston has always utilized sports as a tool for balancing her professional and personal pursuits. When she joined the Steve’s Club team as Director of Development in May 2021, she was grateful for the opportunity to bring her passions together. We got a chance to get to know Jory, and one of her secret talents as well!

No matter what you are faced with you can put your head down and work and it will pay off.

Jory Johnston

Tell us a little about yourself. Where are you from? Where are you now? What are you passionate about?

I am from Castle Rock, CO, and just recently moved to Aurora, CO. I’m passionate about nutrition mostly but spend a lot of my free time working out.

What was your relationship with fitness or athletics growing up? What made you decide to include CrossFit in your life?

I grew up playing soccer and pursued that through college. After college, there was a competitive void in my life so I started working out frequently, and training for a bodybuilding competition. Shortly after that, I met my now-husband, who was competitive in CrossFit at the time. I started doing CrossFit workouts with him in his garage which eventually led me to join a CrossFit gym, and here we are today.

What does being part of the SCNP team mean to you in your life?

I am so excited to have joined the SCNP team! It pretty much brings all my passions into one. My entire professional career has been about community outreach, fundraising and sales, while balancing my personal love of fitness/athletics.

Sports, in general, helped me keep a balance of personal and professional priorities and after finding CrossFit it translated nicely into how I was raised, keeping that personal and professional balance.

I can’t wait to see what I can do in a space I am so familiar with and passionate about to help change lives across the country!

In a nutshell, what role do you play at SCNP? How might our followers interact with you?

I am the Development Director at SCNP; this means I work primarily with donors and sponsors. This includes donor relations, corporate partnerships, grant writing/funding, and events. I’m the main contact for anyone inquiring about SCNP and getting involved in our events or anyone looking to donate!

What is your favorite way to decompress?

My favorite thing ever is having a cup of coffee outside! Sounds silly, but I usually try to start my day sitting outside with a cup of coffee having a quiet moment enjoying the sun. I also truly enjoy finding new coffee shops to explore.

What is your favorite go-to meal or recipe that you prepare for yourself regularly?

Teriyaki Chicken Bowls are my go-to!

What is one CrossFit movement or workout that is special to you and why?

My favorite CrossFit movement is probably pull-ups. Before starting CrossFit I could not do a pull-up without assistance. It was something I worked really hard on and was always told “girls aren’t supposed to do pull-ups” so that was always in the back of my mind. Now, butterfly pull-ups and chest-to-bar pull-ups come very easily to me.

What adventures, events, or future bright spots do you have planned?

I turn 30 this October and am planning to trip NYC which is a place I have always wanted to visit and nearly got the chance before COVID (we literally canceled our trip a week out in March 2020), so I am really excited to get to go.

What is one challenge you have overcome that has shaped who you are today?

Probably my biggest challenge or setback in my life was when I was expected to make varsity soccer as a freshman in high school and during tryouts I injured myself. After that, I was placed on the C team and it was soul-crushing. During my tenure in high school soccer, I had a very difficult time enjoying the sport. My parents wouldn’t let me quit so for the next four years I pushed through and ended up securing a scholarship to play in college. It showed me that no matter what you are faced with you can put your head down and work and it will pay off.

What is one of your current goals?

My current goal is to snatch 170 lbs.

What is one thing that most people don’t know about you?

I am pretty good at reading lips.

What are your words to live by?

“Within you is the power to rise above any situation or struggle, and transform into the brightest, strongest version of you.”

What is important to you?

Family and health are most important to me.

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