Local Club Locations

Our programs strive to foster a community of leaders and offer youth opportunities to change their lives

We use fitness as a vehicle to open our gym doors, and hearts, to our nation’s underserved and at-risk youth. Giving them a place to succeed and grow, and learn that with some grit and perseverance they’re capable of anything they put their minds to.

Local Clubs partner with gyms in their community, offering free or subsidized fitness classes in a safe environment for youth to learn about fitness and nutrition. Clubs have the flexibility to tailor their program to the needs of their community, and are able to raise money and operate as a non-profit without having to set up their own 501(c)(3).

Our national network of close to 20 programs across the country are run by like-minded individuals who support each other and share best practices.

Bomani Strength

Brooklyn Youth Athletics

Fearless Athletics Steve’s Club

Iron Tribe Steve’s Club

Kaizen Youth Club

Kings County Kids Club

Prevail Strength for Life

SpearFit Youth Club

Steve’s Club Agoge

Steve’s Club Battle Ready

Steve’s Club Denver

Steve’s Club Flagstaff

Steve’s Club Heart of Camden

Camden, NJ

Steve’s Club Team Fearless

Steve’s Club King of Prussia

Steve’s Club Nashville

Summit Youth Club

College Station, TX

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