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Leadership Camp: Day 5

What are you grateful for today?
Today was the last full day of camp and we kicked off the day with the option of working on Olympic lifting skills with Coaches Chad or yoga in the park with Carla. Carla is a joy to be around, and I was lucky enough to feel that energy while she led us. She asked us to think of three things we are grateful for and gave us journals as we finished our session.

We then had breakfast and continued learning more about gratitude and how to write thank you notes from Coach Duncan. Each of the athletes wrote to those who made camp possible including coaches and volunteers. They made sure that they included the following elements in their thank you notes- that it was genuine, specific, included how it made them feel and had a final sign off. They first wrote a note then recorded and sent a video to their person.

Next up was the final challenge of the Obstacle Course. Coach Ace of the Travis Manion foundation briefed all 6 of the obstacles on the course. He also added an additional challenge: if they did not beat their time on Thursday, the rest of the team would have to do 15 burpees. This created added stress on an already grueling hot summer day. The athletes rose to the challenge and with mental and physical strength each athlete beat their time. Even better, their camaraderie was displayed as each athlete cheered on the next, constantly making sure they made it through every obstacle. Likewise, those who needed space were able to communicate their needs and their teammates respected that. Afterwards, Autumn and Francisco received special recognition and a coin for displaying the highest levels of integrity and commitment, character traits that defined the legacy of Travis Manion.

The afternoon was filled with one last Olympic lifting coaching session with Coach Chad. He gave them tips on the important cues of the lifts: tension, transition, and extension. He explained that by simplifying cues and learning how to find your zone, you will be able to achieve even if you don’t believe you can lift the weight.

The afternoon was scheduled to transition into pool time but with thunderstorms the pool trip was cancelled and this caused morale to slide. As we were setting up for yoga, tensions were high and the energy in the room was off. Coach Lee sent them on a self-guided run around the block. The athletes decided to do a 28-man Indian run. The athletes described that it was difficult, they were arguing with one another and not working together. They found their groove by the end of the run and when they entered “Steve’s Club Yoga Studio” they entered with reverence, and filled the room with peace.

After yoga with Coach Carla, we packed up and went to the lake. This last dinner felt more like a family outing at the park. Athletes were playing volleyball, soccer, and even Olympic lifting with Chad. Some opted for the swing set, a nature walk, or catching fish and turtles in the lake. Chef Elise cooked up a delicious spread of burgers and hot dogs and athletes toasted marshmallows and made s’mores for dessert.

The last sharing circle was outside in the cool air with faces illuminated by the soft glow of a lamp. Our athletes talked about overcoming challenges that led them to camp and plans for the future. Afterwards, an athlete led a prayer circle and a large group continued to share their stories until lights out in the barracks.

What am I grateful for?
I’m grateful for each of the athletes and coaches and for the collective team that we have become over the past week. Thank you for having the courage to tell your stories, the perseverance to conquer challenges together, facing your individual fears and being vulnerable with each other. I know I’m leaving camp a better person because of you and I truly hope you feel the same way.

With love and gratitude,
Diana Moyseowicz
Lifefit Ketchikan, Alaska 

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