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Leadership Camp: Day 4

It’s day Day 4 of Steve’s Club Leadership Camp. We woke up early at 6:30am for a 7:15am run with Coach Melody. I’m not much of a runner but some of the kids can fly! Terrell and Tray set the pace early and made for a fast first mile. They took off with Coach Melody on the last hill and were the first ones to finish. Tommy, Coach Matt, and I did a cool down lap around the barracks while the rest of the squad ran 100m sprints. It was a good start to the morning!

After an amazing breakfast from Coach Elise, we transitioned into our session with former Olympic weightlifter for Team USA, Chad Vaughn. Some serious knowledge was shared as Chad explained the foundations of being a good weightlifter.

Chad also shared some awesome messages encouraging the kids that they are all leaders and that other people are constantly looking up to them. Openness and effort are key traits he identified as important to being an effective leader.

Then it was outside for some movement prep drills which included a spicy air squat tabata where the “rest” was at the bottom of the squat.

It was then back inside where Chad nailed down some specific weightlifting concepts and best practices for “what it takes to be ‘good’ at weightlifting.” Ultimately he described that effort and dedication are needed to reach one’s full potential.

We all went back outside where Chad led us through several basic but surprisingly challenging hold positions with the barbell. This all served to re-emphasize his point about the importance of attention to detail if you want to perform your best.

After a quick lunch we all packed up and headed over to a local state park for some fun afternoon activities. While the campers played an intense game of kickball, us coaches planned out “Mission Impossible” a 4 station obstacle course that required attention to detail and teamwork while incorporating various gymnastic and CrossFit style movements. It was so awesome to watch as each team came together, dealt with the various challenges, and obstacles and overcame.

As if these kids hadn’t had enough, we packed up into the vans again and headed up into the hills for a hike. This wasn’t an average hike as the kids divided into two teams and had to carry two kettle bells and a heavy sandbag, working together without ever putting the objects down. Team leaders were identified and did an incredible job leading and guiding their team, making sure everyone was sticking together. There wasn’t much of a break at the top either. We ran them through a relay WOD including goblet squats with the kettle bells and sandbag runs. Over all, it was at least an hour and half hike and the kids crushed it.

We wrapped up the evening with dinner and our sharing time, which has quickly become my favorite part of the night. Typically two coaches lead off the time by sharing their stories and then the kids can volunteer to share as well.

It’s hard to best describe this time as individuals open up to one another and share their heart, their hurt, and their pain. The power of each and every story is evident and it almost goes without saying that these kids are my inspiration. Despite the pain and hardship that many of these kids are experiencing, I’ve seen an incredible amount of hope that comes from this community. From kids cheering each other on during workouts or comforting one another as they express painful feelings, I’ve come to realize in a new light how much hope we can provide one another. This is why I love Steve’s Club and the platform CrossFit provides. It doesn’t matter who you are or where you come from, we are stronger together, and together we can have hope. That’s what these kids have taught me.

Coach Ben 

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