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Changing A Life Can Be Easier Than You Think

You can directly help at-risk youth choose a better path by giving them the gift of fitness and the positive community that comes along with it. Your donation provides opportunities for these kids and teens to overcome the challenges they face in life, and to become leaders among their peers and in their communities.

By investing in our youth, we can make real changes in the world around us. It starts with a group of committed individuals, ready to show they care.

Will you join us?

Where your donation goes

Change a life

Help get an at-risk youth off of the streets and into a CrossFit gym for an entire month. Your donation of $25 gives at-risk kids and teens an alternative to the frustration, hopelessness, and negativity of their current environment. Through weekly CrossFit classes, they embark on a new journey that involves fitness, nutrition, and personal development - all while having fun with a new set of peers and mentors that will provide the support they need to overcome future challenges, both in and out of the gym. This is how we start changing lives.

Create a life-long leader

Every year we identify the top 20+ teens from Local Clubs across the country and invite them to apply to participate in a week of workshops and workouts focused on leadership development. With prominent guest coaches from the CrossFit community, these teens walk away knowing that if they can overcome the unknown and unknowable challenges of this week, and in the gym in general, they can apply those lessons to be successful in life. Your donation of $500 gives this transformative experience of Leadership Camp to a highly-motivated and committed Steve's Club athlete.

Change an entire community

Entire communities are changing thanks to Local Steve’s Clubs across the country. By teaming up with CrossFit Affiliates, underserved youth learn lessons that will carry over to greater success in life. With positive role models and a growth mindset, they can choose a better path for themselves. A donation of $1,000 is an opportunity to create a new Local Steve's Club in a U.S. community that needs it.

It Takes a Village

As they say, "it takes a village" and there are many other ways to get involved. Contact us directly to find out how you can support our program.


We're grateful for the generous support of our partners that are helping us strengthen the nation, one kid at a time!

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Please make all checks payable to 'Steve's Club National Program' and send to:

Steve’s Club National Program
P.O. Box 18082
Denver, CO 80218