Local Clubs

Our Local Clubs are instrumental in bringing fitness, nutrition education and mentorship to America's at-risk youth by offering free or subsidized classes to kids in their communities.

If each Local Club can get 6-10 kids off the streets and into a positive environment of fitness and health, that itself is a success. Now multiply that by 100 programs across the country and we have made a huge impact.

Our strength is in our network, start a Local Club in your community today!  

Steve's Club Camden 



Pennsauken, New Jersey
Date started: May 2007
Administrator & Coach: Steve Liberati

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Steve's Club was originally started in a small community center room in a housing complex in East Camden, NJ with a small group of kids interested in getting fit and having fun. As word spread, interest grew and kids from all over Camden discovered a safe place to call their own. The goal is to help kids realize their greatness by training to be better athletes, students and citizens. Today, many of the kids that started in the first class in East Camden are still training and act as role models for the newer Steve's Club athletes.


Steve's Club NYC 

CrossFit Virtuosity, Brooklyn New York
Date started: October 2011
Administrators: Samantha Orme, Michele Kelber
Coaches: Juan Blanco, Joey Swidler, Michele Kelber

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CrossFit Virtuosity is hard at work helping kids in the New York City area better themselves through physical education. We have held workshops for youth athletes from local organizations including the Urban Assembly Institute for Math & Science, The New York Rugby Club Under 19, and the Beat the Streets Wrestling Club. Steve's Club has been an inspiration to us in these ventures. We believe wholeheartedly that being a part of a fitness community can have a positive and lasting impact on the lives of these kids, and we're happy to be lending a hand! - Keith Wittenstein and Sam Orme, CF Virtuosity


Steve's Club KoP 

CrossFit King of Prussia, Bridgeport Pennsylvania
Date started: October 2011
Administrators: Stephanie Vincent, Aimee Lyons
Coaches: Aimee Lyons, Stephanie Vincent, Miranda Haines, Jenna Kenny, Clayton Jones

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One of CrossFit King of Prussia’s most notable assets has always been the strong sense of community among its members. It only seemed fitting that when the SCNP was announced, that the affiliate would start its own chapter- in order to bring that sense of community to youth that desperately need it. Steve’s Club King of Prussia hopes to create community, provide sense of purpose, and improve overall fitness and well being of its Steve’s Club youth. SCKOP provides free weekly fitness classes for youth, ages 13-18 from its surrounding communities.  - Aimee Lyons, CF KoP


Firebreathers In Training (F.I.T.) Club

Folsom, California
Date started: October 2012
Administrator: Cecilia Joseph
Coaches: Cecilia Joseph

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Email: info@firebreathersintrainingclub.com

Firebreathers in Training Club is a mentorship program which helps girls from underserved/at-risk groups by using fitness and physical activity as a tool to build confidence and self esteem. Our coaches and volunteers believe that working out is about more than just getting fit and strong, it is about empowerment. Pre-teen and teenage girls face so many pressures and self-confidence is imperative to dealing with these challenges. Our club members come from at-risk and disadvantaged backgrounds and face many more challenges in their everyday lives. Our goal is to empower them to approach these challenges with an indomniable spirit just like they approach each of their F.I.T. Club workouts.


Steve's Club of the Palm Beaches

CrossFit BGI, West Palm Beach Florida
Date started: August 2012
Administrators: Lupe Dickens, Ralph White
Coaches: Lupe Dickens, Erika de Mier

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Following the 2012 CrossFit Open, Steve's Club of the Palm Beaches founders were inspired to offer fitness classses to the less fortunate in their community. It didn't take long to establish Steve's Club of the Palm Beaches, supported by a very generous and enthusiastic CrossFit Affiliate, CrossFit BGI. 

Steve's Club of the Palm Beaches work with young men whom have aged out of the foster care system and living in a transistional home, and young women who currently live in a group home. Steve's Club of the Palm Beaches offers hands on nutrition seminars, and plenty of opportunities for challenging yet fun compeititons. They put on a great Beat the Streets fundraiser! For information on how you can support them, check them out online. 


Steve's Club Nashville

CrossFit Gulch, Nashville Tennessee
Date started: January 2012
Administrator: Rebecca Brown
Coaches: Rebecca Brown (Head Coach), Trey Fitch

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Steve's Club Nashville began coaching kids twice a week through a partnership with Backfield In Motion and CrossFit Music City in January of 2012. That May, Steve's Club Nashville held their Beat the Streets fundraiser to kickstart the program; 14 gyms in the Nashville area hosted the event! Steve's Club Nashville offers consistent classes at CrossFit Gulch.  Check them out online for information on how to support them. 


Kings County Kids Club


CrossFit 718, Brooklyn New York
Date started: July 2012
Administrator: Tammyli Gonzalez
Coaches: Israel Gonzalez, Tammyli Gonzalez

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Kings County Kids Club was founded to help children in our community meet their fitness needs. In the summer of 2012, we started a pilot program, and all of the kids returned in the Fall! Our goal is to affect as many children as possible by offering subsidized tuition and elminating the financial obstacle for families.


Steve's Club Battle Ready

Fort Collins and Longmont, Colorado
Date started: August 2012
Administrators: Blake Montey, Taylor Montey, Tonya Tooley
Coaches: Blake Montey, Taylor Montey, Jeff Tooley, Matt Truelove, Michell Pett-Thomas, Erin Henry, Jorine Peterson, Dustin Smith

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Email: stevesclubbattleready@gmail.com

Steve's Club Battle Ready is a non-profit organization for underprivileged kids located in Northern Colorado. We were developed to give kids exposure to fitness training, mentoring and positive role models. We are supported by a great Crossfit Community, that we know will do its best to provide a safe environment for kids to learn about health and fitness each week. We will also provide encouragement and opportunities for all who train here to give back to their communities.


Bomani Strength






Cleveland, Ohio
Date Started: January 2013
Administrators: Amanda Stanoszek, CJ Kostranchuk, Tricia Tortoreti, Dawn Ziegler
Coaches: Amanda Stanoszek, Tricia Tortoreti, Cory Moore, Yani Moore, Joey Marginian

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Email: bomanistrengthcrossfit@gmail.com

Bomani Strength was founded by Amanda Stanoszek in 2013, and is the only one of its kind in the Greater Cleveland Area. She began working with athletes from East Cleveland to help bring health and fitness to the local youth. Bomani Strength offers strength and conditioning programs to young men and women living in the inner city that may not otherwise have the opportunity to train outside of their school-sponsored sports program. Bomani Strength’s goals are to provide valuable life lessons through positive competition, nutrition, commitment, integrity, diversity, and unity. These skills are not only necessary in the gym, but in life as well. 

Our main focuses include:
1. Strong and Beautiful: educating young women about health and fitness, and instilling in them that being strong is being beautiful.
2. Nutritional seminars: educating youth about healthy eating, teen obesity and sports nutrition/awareness that align with the Ohio High School Athletic Association.
3. Above-The-Neck Fitness: educating athletes about the importance of school and incorporating academics in the program, such as ACT tutoring and study tables. 


Unbroken Kids 

CrossFit Brigade, Chattanooga Tennessee
Date started: February 2013
Administrators: Eric and Emily Griffith
Coaches: Eric Griffith, Emily Griffith, Thomas Minwell

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Unbroken is a proud branch of Steve's Club National Program, serving at-risk youth in the Chattanooga area and run by CrossFit Brigade. Our program's mission involves cultivating the strengths in our youth by providing safe and effective training and mentoring through fitness. We believe our methods help to empower young people to make better choices, avoid risky behavior, and equip them with the skills they need to thrive and are excited to serve our area's youth to make a difference in their lives and our community.


Hero Junction 

CrossFit Junction, Grand Junction Colorado
Date Started: March 2013
Administators: Amber Peck, Jennifer Robertson
Coaches: Jennifer Robertson (Head Coach), Amber Peck, Matt Carson, Kevin Oney

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Hero Junction is dedicated to teaching and fostering responsibility, confidence, and hard work, as well as perseverance in the face of adversity.  They have seen great succes in athleticism and personal development.


Steve's Club Concrete Jungle

CrossFit Concrete Jungle, NYC New York
Date started: July 2013
Administators: Jackie Phillips, Vera Pascal
Coach: Sean Wright

Steve's Club Concrete Jungle is uniquely positioned to give young people in Harlem NYC, is a safe space to learn about fitness and nutrition, and a place that is full of mentors who can give young people the support they need to suceed. The CrossFit Concrete Jungle community serves as mentors, in addition to teaching the kids about health and wellness, and is working to see their young athletes through to their high school graduation. 


Kaizen Youth Club 

Mission CrossFit, Mission Viejo California
Date started: October 2012
Administrator & Coach: Justin Yee

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Mission CrossFit offers scholarship positions in the kids/teens program, Kaizen Youth Club. “Kaizen” is Japanese for “Continuous Improvement” and our Kaizen Youth Club is specifically designed to help kids and teens continuously improve.


Steve's Club Flagtaff

CrossFit Flagstaff, Flagtaff Arizona
Date started: September 2013
Administrator: Amanda Wigman
Coach: Tara Ross (Head Trainer), Lindsay Wagner, Scott Frances, Katie Lowe, Laura Howell

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Email: stevesclubflagstaff@gmail.com

Steve’s Club Flagstaff provides disadvantaged Flagstaff youth cost-free access to fitness training, nutrition education, community and mentorship.  Our athletes join us through various sources including the Coconino Country Juvenile Court, local foster programs, and low income families; when they show up to workout none of that matters, they are simply athletes.  Our aim is to bring the amazing support of the CrossFit community to local youth who need it most.  Beyond health and fitness, we want at-risk youth in Northern Arizona to chase their dreams and reach their goals.


Steve's Club Washington D.C. 

CrossFit Balance, Washington DC
Date started: October 2013
Administrators: Andrew Shniderman, Leila Drici, Ori Gorfine
Coaches: Andrew Shniderman, Chris Clyde, Mark Crick

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Email: .(JavaScript must be enabled to view this email address)

The “constantly varied, high intensity, functional movement” workouts we offer teaches DC's most vulnerable young athletes to realize more than just their physical capacity; they learn to harness strengths (communication, team work, ethics, etc.) and what it means to gain and to improve through hard work and sacrifice. It’s a rock strewn path of self-improvement. At Steve’s Club Washington DC, we provide the mentorship and the tools to give every child the opportunity to seize control of their own health and wellness, and ultimately, to determine their own path. 


Steve's Club Powered By "The Chain" 

Chain of Lakes CrossFit, Winter Haven Florida
Date started: April 2014
Administrator: Pat Roberts
Coaches: Pat Roberts, Steve Kelton

Polk County, FL was one of the hardest hit areas of the recession.  As of 2013 the area has over 2,000 homeless children, and 70 percent of school aged children receive free or subsidized breakfast and lunch.   It is our goal to make a difference in a child’s life offering a safe and fun environment to forget about the stresses in their lives.  We strive to build self-esteem and a desire to make healthy and positive choices through all decisions in life. 


Steve's Club Team Fearless

CrossFit CenTex, Belton Texas
Date started: December 2013
Administrator: LeAnn McMillan, Richard Vincent
Coaches: LeAnn McMillan, Richard Vincent, Taylor Colwell

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Steve’s Club Team Fearless provides fitness, nutritional information, and mentorship for free to at-risk and underserved youth in our community. Team Fearless ran its first “test camp” in August of 2013 which confirmed the need for such a program in the Central Texas area. We are currently running classes 3 times a week and have recently expanded our reach across town with a 2nd location in an effort to touch as many lives as possible. We are excited and honored to have the opportunity to give back to our community and feed into the lives of kids.


Steve's Club Detroit

CrossFit BMW, Detroit Michigan
Date started: December 2013
Administrator: Michelle Raphael
Coaches: Jarrod Bell

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Email: info@stevesclubdetroit.com

Steve's Club Detroit is a non-profit for at-risk and under privileged youth, boys and girls ages 13 to 18. Our mission is to provide a safe and structured physical education program employing fitness methods and course training curriculum to educate, empower and inspire young minds to engage the mental along with the physical to achieve all things, and to know that all things are possible. We are also providing Detroit with its first youth Olympic Lifting and Power Lifting training facility and team.


Steve's Club Heart of Camden

Camden, New Jersey
Date started: March 2014
Administrators: Catherine Zatorski, Kristin Levin, Ronald Ikechi
Coaches: Joe & Karim Mendarte

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Steve's Club Heart of Camden has partnered with Cooper Medical School of Rowan University to provide no-cost Cross-Fit workouts to local teens who are looking for a safe and nurturing environment to become fit and strong. We pair our athletes with medical students to set goals and to support each other to reach academic and fitness success. (We are not affiliated with Heart of Camden, a community-based organization that is dedicated to revitalizing Camden, NJ, neighborhoods through affordable housing.)


Steve's Club Troy

Practice CrossFit, Troy Ohio
Date started: November 2014
Administrators: Mindy Coby, Mike Lyons
Coaches: Mindy Coby, Chastity Slone, Krissy Honeycutt

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We are located in southwest Ohio, serving kids in the Troy community and surrounding areas. We work with kids ages 8-18, holding classes at the Lincoln Community Center as well as Practice CrossFit. It is our mission to help adolescents build healthy habits, self esteem, and positive character traits. Through fitness training and mentoring, we want to give every child the necessary tools to take control of their own health and wellness, which in turn will empower them to want more for themselves and create their own path in life.

Steve's Club Gryphon

CrossFit Gryphon, Cleveland Tennessee
Date started: November 2014
Administrators: Joe Griffin, Amy Griffin, Ashley Jones
Coaches: Joe Griffin, Amy Griffin, Grace Fugate, Meagan Ferguson 

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Steve’s Club Gryphon came to fruition from the dreams of Crossfit Gryphon owner, Joe Griffin, after seeing the need of the youth in the neighborhoods of his gym. Within a five block radius of his box lay several housing authorities and the lowest income communities in Cleveland, TN. A firm believer that Steve’s Club Gryphon could ignite change in the area was through partnerships. Along with Rotary International, The Boys & Girls Clubs of Cleveland, Impact Cleveland, and the Blythe Family Support Center, Steve’s Club Gryphon has had the opportunity to provide at-risk youth in Bradley and Polk County with an opportunity to build self-confidence, muscle strength, exercise skills, improve overall fitness, and inspire youth with an alternative life, and opportunities for growth and change.

Baltimore Area Steve's Club

Perry Hall CrossFit, Baltimore Maryland
Date started: December 2014
Administrators: Alfred and Philip Garappolo
Coaches: Philip Garappolo, Elizabeth Lange, Rich Meehan


Iron Girls

CrossFit Asheville, Asheville North Carolina
Date started: December 2014
Administrators: Amber Beane, Becca Lee, Anne Squires
Coaches: Amber Beane, Becca Lee, Anne Squires

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Email: irongirlsavl@gmail.com

Iron Girls is an innovative after school program for 12-14 year old adolescent girls who would otherwise not have access to fitness classes. Through the mental and physical strength required to complete a workout, these girls will learn important life skills not only regarding health and wellness, but also the confidence to be able to assert themselves in life. Iron Girls will strive to create an environment where girls grow up valuing fitness and nutrition, and those from disadvantaged backgrounds are given the opportunity to improve their health, fitness, and personal development. Iron Girls coaches and mentors will offer leadership to help girls find their voice and strength.


Redding Youth Athletic Club

CrossFit Redding, Redding California
Date started: March 2015
Administrators: Claudia Waite, Jeni Montemayor, Bryan Schenone
Coaches: Claudia Waite, Jared Martin, Julio Torres, Veronica Torres, Celina Reily, Ashton Galloway, Hailee Lollars, Olivia Stimpel, Abby Hinkson, Abigal Ferrier, Denise Towe

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Email: claudia@cfryac.org

Crossfit Redding was established in 2007 and both CFR and the CrossFit community has grown dramatically in the past years here in Redding. Surrounded by pristine lakes and rivers, and beautiful mountains and woodlands, Redding is the gateway to the outdoors. Yet, unfortunately our community does not match our settings. Recently Redding was ranked in the bottom three of the worst cities to live in for the United States. It was also ranked as one of the unhealthiest cities as well. As community members this was unacceptable, and we realized a change needs to be made.

Thus Crossfit Redding Youth Athletic Club (YAC) was born. Hoping to harness the epic community that is CrossFit, YAC aims to provide opportunities for the youth of our city to experience the life changing abilities of the sport of fitness. It is our desire to work with children of all ages, backgrounds, and socioeconomic statuses particularly disadvantaged and at risk youth to help foster a love of fitness, nutrition, and rebuild community in our city. We not only want to help change the lives of the youth we work with, but transform our city through the up and coming generations.  


Steve's Club Denver

Project Rise Fitness, Denver Colorado
Date started: April 2015
Administrator: Duncan Seawell, Wendy Cook
Coaches: Jason Kelly, Nicole Coates, Daniel Davis, Anna Mattson, Beau Dorning, Kimberly Bloom, Lexi Zadak

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Email: stevesclubdenver@gmail.com

Following the genius of the National Program, Steve’s Club Denver will bring fitness to the at-risk kids in the Denver metro area. Our crew is made up of kids in other sports (e.g., lacrosse, soccer, etc.) who are looking to gain strength and endurance, kids from the surrounding neighborhood, as well as kids sorting through a tough past. Together with the mentors and coaches of Steve’s Club Denver, we foster resilience to stress and aim to improve the lives of all involved. We care just as much about outcomes related to mood stability, decision-making, and social functioning, as we do about more easily measurable variables such as benchmark times, lifted pounds, or total rounds. Our group is passionate about fitness and every factor that is needed to sustain a life with regular exercise. In case there were any concern, we are also fully capable of having a boatload of fun along the way.


Boston Iron Kids Club

Reggie Lewis Center, Boston Massachusetts
Date started: June 2015
Administrator: Tina Ramos (President), Neil Jacobs (Vice President), Stacy Schwartz (Secretary)
Coaches: Tina Ramos, Donn Abellard (Lead Coach)

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The Boston Iron Kids Club was formed from the vision that we could come together as a CrossFit community in Boston and help our most marginalized kids. These are the kids that experience violence, gangs, and don't have the support they need to succeed in school.  Together we can be stronger and form a program for our city youth.  This vision is the culmination of 4 years of grass roots effort.  

We have drawn our budding athletes from the neighborhoods of Dorchester, Roxbury and Mattapan. Through a concerted effort with the 3PointFoundation we also have an academic program and character curriculum for our athletes. Fitness fuels the passion and teaches our students to be better everyday and that effort is a quality worth fighting for.

We have placed our Boston Iron Kids Club program at the Reggie Lewis Center in Roxbury because we want any affiliate interested in getting involved to know that they are welcome to be a part of our program. We need to unite to help our inner city youth Beat the Streets. Together we are stronger for them and one kid at a time we can change the future of at-risk youth in our city.


Summit Youth Club

Bryan-College Station, TX
Date Started: September 2015
Administrator: Will & Rebekah Schaub
Coaches: Will Schaub, Rebekah Schaub, Luke Hicks, Symantha Resendiz

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Summit Youth Club exists to provide opportunities for children to develop self-confidence, learn the value of hard work, and cultivate important life skills. With these goals in mind, we offer free fitness classes to at-risk children in the Bryan & College Station community. In addition to fitness classes, we plan to establish tutoring and mentoring programs to help the children in our Club prepare for life after high school.


LifeFit Alaska

Ketchikan, AK
Date Started: March 2016
Administrators: Carlen Williams, Kevin Manabat
Coach: Kevin Manabat

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Steve's Club Louisville


Louisville, KY
Date Started: May 2016
Administrator: Nicole Harp
Coaches: Nicole and Bill Harp

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During their deployment to Egypt in 2014 Nicole and Bill Harp decided they wanted to open a Local Steve's Club once they left the military service. While in Egypt, they ran a non-profit military affiliate and regularly ordered Steve's PaleoGoods to supplement their training and the food provided at their camp. Through the packages of food from Steve's PaleoGood's they learned that 15% of the proceeds benefit Steve's Club and decided that when they opened their own for profit gym that they would also have Local Steve's Club chapter. Their military and professional endeavors eventually led them to Louisville, where they found a location in West Louisville and worked to build community partnerships to benefit Steve's Club in their community. Break the Mold CrossFit is the home of Steve's Club Louisville and is excited to be the only club in Kentucky at this time.  


Capital City Youth Strength & Conditioning

Columbus, OH
Date Started: June 2016
Administrator: Laura Sullivan
Coach: Laura Sullivan

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Email: capitalcityyouthstrength@gmail.com

Capital City Youth Strength and Conditioning (CCYSC) is a comprehensive youth development program with a focus on physical activity and lifelong commitment to health and wellness. CCYSC serves Columbus youth ages 7 to 17 years old. The CCYSC mission is: to engage urban youth in physical activity, fostering a supportive and safe environment to increase health and resiliency while building relationships that encourage lifelong commitment to health, wellness, and community. CCYSC aims to provide free high quality strength and conditioning training to youth to increase physical health, mitigate risk for obesity, and improve psychosocial function; thereby promoting resiliency in at-risk youth. Classes are comprised of: strength and conditioning training and life skill reinforcement.


Steve's Club Agoge

Montrose, CO
Date Started: July 2016
Administrators: John Brown, Susan Cofano
Coaches: John Brown, Kelly Brown, Alex Matlcok, Sarah Nichols, Susan Cofano, Tegan Soderlind, William Greiner


CCF Youth Scholarship Program

Prescott, AZ
Date Started: August 2016
Administrators: Scott Blevins, Michelle Blevins, Jason Turner, Dave Franz, Courtney Osterfelt, Paul Kreider
Coaches: Sam Shapiro, Shyloe Franz

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The primary goal of the CCF Youth Scholarship Program is to strengthen our community by providing exceptional fitness and mentoring to at-risk youth in the Prescott area. We work with community partners such as the Launch Pad Teen Center and the Yavapai County Juvenile Detention Center to provide a safe, healthy and active after school program at a minimal or no cost. The CCF Youth Scholarship Program was established in 2016, through the efforts of Scott and Michelle Blevins, with the assistance of Steve’s Club National Program. To find out ways you can help, or to apply for Scholarship Funding, visit our home page: http://captaincrossfit.com/ccf-youth-scholarship-program.


Grit Underground

Gresham, OR
Date Started: August 2016
Administrators: Randy Lauer, Chausse Sylvester, Scott Bradley, Gwenna Bradley, Rich Monie, Sara Coleman, Jesse Coleman
Coaches: Scott Bradley, Chausse Sylvester, Randy Lauer, Gwenna Bradley

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GRIT Underground is a non-profit organization serving the underprivileged youth surrounding the Rockwood neighborhoods just outside of Portland, Oregon. Along with 3-46 GRIT CrossFit and ASIS Church, GRIT Underground is ready to introduce a healthy and safe alternative for today’s youth, in and around East Portland, instead of the street life many of them have grown up in and are all to accustom with. With constant training, mentorship, volunteering efforts, and community service, GRIT Underground will be the beacon of hope for a population that so desperately needs one. We are going to make our community better one kid and one athlete at a time.


Fearless Athletics | Steve's Club

Philadelphia, PA
Date Started: September 2016
Administrators: Dean Dickos, William Vicinus, Leora Hafri, Christopher Bumm
Coaches: William Vicinus, Christopher Bumm

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Email: .(JavaScript must be enabled to view this email address)

Fearless Athletics | Steve’s Club offers a positive framework and community for at-risk and underserved youth (ages 12-19) from Philadelphia to grow into stronger and healthier individuals. Through fitness, we learn life lessons in a supportive environment and discover what we’re capable of. We define strength not only as physical achievement, but also as the ability to face fear and self-doubt. Above all, we believe that the key to true success in life lies in being FEARLESS.


Prevail Strength for Life

Camas, WA
Date Started: June 2017
Administrators: Erica Stupfel
Coaches: Erica Stupfel, Joshua Gibson, Aaron Smith, Marcella Smith