Austin Malleolo, Ambassador to SCNP

Austin Malleolo is an impressive CrossFit athlete and a strong supporter of Steve's Club. He is always enthusiastic to share our mission with others in the CrossFit Community. He discovered Steve's Club while enjoying PaleoKits (made by Steve to fundraise for Steve's Club). Austin was a coach at CF Albany and will be one of the high-level trainers at Reebok CrossFit One.  He has come down twice to coach the kids from Steve's Club in Camden, and enjoys mentoring youth who've already had to overcome some challenges in life.  Austin is excited that the Steve's Club model is catching on in other cities, bringing the sport of fitness to the kids that need it most.

Austin's Words of Wisdom: "CrossFit makes you the best you, you can be. Mental toughness is essential to success."

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James Hobart II, Ambassador to SCNP

James Hobart is an amazing CrossFitter, and incredibly humble and always looking to help. A frequent visitor to Steve's Club, James recognizes the importance of giving back to the community. James is currently a coach at CF New England while also pursuing a law degree. This is just the beginning of his involvement with Steve's Club, and hopes to encourage the next wave of potential competitors among these kids who are all heart, but might not have the means.

Words of Wisdom: "I am often unsure of what advice to give others, specific or general. But if I have started to learn anything its that I am much more significant with friends than alone. I've always been too lucky with the caliber of friends I come across. So I guess that is the goal: find and surround yourself with as many helpful, healthy, and inspirational people as possible. When that happens, the best stuff happens.”

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